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Dr. Deken Smith, D.C.

Dr. Deken Smith, D.C. | Smith Family Chiropractic Campbell CA

Dr. Smith has been practicing family chiropractic for over fourteen years now, and has been at his current location for the last nine years. He is regarded as one of the top Chiropractors in Northern California because of his use of the most advanced techniques and the tremendous record of dramatic results he has been able to achieve for his patients. This, in addition to his success in corrective care, has resulted in many other chiropractic and medical doctors sending their most difficult patients, including their own family members, to Dr. Smith because of the success and pain relieving results he is able to obtain.

In order to ensure his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care, Dr. Smith remains current on all licensing requirements and routinely attends continuing education classes and extensive training with the most talented, highly qualified, and respected Doctor's of Chiropractic. Dr. Smith is known for having one of the most successful and fastest growing practices in Northern California.

Dr. Smith was born and raised in Santa Clara County and has strong family and community ties here. He currently resides in the area with his wife and three sons.


Dr. Deken Smith, D.C. | Smith Family Chiropractic Campbell CA

Paul is our oldest son and he is 13. Paul loves Mexican food and pizza. He loves playing sports. He has played: takle football, flag football, soccer, and baseball. He is always goofing around with his little brothers. Paul's favorite thing to do while hanging out with his dad is to go hiking, fixing things and going to the movies together.

Paul gets adjusted regularly and has missed only 2 days of school for health reasons since Kindergarten. Paul's teachers have commented on how Paul has stayed so healthy during the "cold and flu seasons", while other children miss so many days each year due to illness.


Dr. Deken Smith, D.C. | Smith Family Chiropractic Campbell CA

Brayden is 5 years old. He is quite the little dare devil. He loves riding his bike, building things and playing with his brothers. His favorite meal is breakfast and he loves eggs with toast.

Brayden loves getting adjusted and he loves our patients too. He gets right up on the table and shows off to the other kids who are in line to be adjusted.


Dr. Deken Smith, D.C. | Smith Family Chiropractic Campbell CA

Rowen is our youngest son and he is 4 years old. Rowen loves life. He is very excitable and happy about every little thing. He especially loves his older brothers and squeals with joy whenever he sees them. By the way...he also enjoys eating EVERYTHING!

Rowen loves coming to the office too. He lays completely still and just looks into his dad's eyes while getting adjusted and when he's done...he giggles.