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"Great Family Owned Practice!"

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

Dr. Smith has been my first and now only experience I hope to have with a chiropractor. And I say that because my results have been ongoing and amazing.

I personally suffer from severe migraines which I was always told was hereditary and very painful periods.

I was referred to Dr. Smith by a coworker and very glad I took the first step and had a consultation. Ever since then I can proudly say I have been migraine free for months and my periods have been short and less painful.

I always appreciate that I am greeted with a smile and warm welcome every time I walk through the door. Everyone on the team makes an effort to make you feel welcome and taken care of. Even the kiddos when they are around. :)

Great family owned practice!

Haley M.

"In Good Hands"

Written Testimonials Campbell

They make you feel at home, comfortable, relaxed and most of all in good hands. I was referred to Smith Family chiropractor, and I couldn't be more happy with that decision. The injuries I sustained in a previous car accident right now slowly starting to subside and my pain is slowly decreasing as well. Dr. Smith's concerns and cares about my well-being is what makes this place feel like home. Matt, Who works the front desk and also helps around the office is also very helpful and caring. I highly recommend this office for anybody who needs an adjustment or just wants some overall health care advice

Lindsay L.

"Fantastic Resources"

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

I highly recommend Dr. Smith as a chiropractor. I went to visit him for the first time due to a friend's recommendation. I was having so much pain in my neck that I needed my husband's assistance to lay down in bed and get up in the morning. Dr. Smith took x-rays and showed my husband & I what the problem was. He explained what kind of care would be needed to not only relieve the pain but to also correct the initial problem. Within a few weeks, the pain was gone, and within 3 months the problem was completely corrected.

Dr. Smith's philosophy is one that I greatly appreciate. He encourages natural means of caring for the body and only recommends surgeries as a last resort. We have consulted him for advise for other means of natural health care, and he has always pointed us to fantastic resources.

Megan W.

"The Pain Was Gone!"

Written Testimonials Campbell

This is a long overdue review. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Smith. I started seeing him in April when I began experiencing back pain worse than I ever thought possible. My back was constantly going into spasm and I had horrible sciatic pain in my left leg. I literally couldn't move--and all of this 50 days before my wedding! I was panicked.

After looking at my X-rays with Dr. Smith I soon realized that this was not something that was going to go away on its own. I went with his year long treatment recommendation-one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. Within just a few days I was walking and driving again. Within a week, the pain was gone! I had a beautiful wedding where I was able to dance and wear high heels. Yet, is even more than that--the pain is gone yes, but my energy and mood has greatly improved too! I even sleep better. Again, can't say enough good things. Dr. Smith is a wonderful man that genuinely cares. Also, I can't write a proper review without mentioning the receptionist Matt! He is seriously one of the nicest people I've ever met and makes the scheduling process so easy.

SO, if you are looking for a chiropractor PLEASE trust me-- Dr. Smith is the man you want to see.

Emilie L.

"So Happy!"

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

I highly recommend Dr. Smith and his friendly staff. I went in this morning after suffering from neck and arm pain for years of being a hair stylist. Dr.Smith did a full consultation, X-rays and adjustment. He explained to me after reviewing my X-rays what exactly was happening with my body and the steps I needed to take to feel healthier. I am so happy I was referred to come here.

Frances P.


Written Testimonials Campbell

My mom is a chiropractor so I'm pretty no-nonsense about chiropractic care; I know when someone has skills but I don't believe the hype. Dr. Smith has some mad, mad skillz. He's the best adjuster I've ever come across (sorry mom!) I'm difficult to adjust; I'm little and stiff muscled and I'm in a lot of pain. But he jumps in and out super smoothly, and the right bones always go pop in the right way. Bad chiropractic can actually quite mess you up. You won't get bad chiropractic here.

He's a nice guy, if intense, and the office is sparkly clean and very friendly. It's a little too evangelical for my preferences ("chiropractic can CHANGE YOUR LIFE" lol) but when you have chops like this dude, you're allowed to be preachy. If your back hurts, go see Dr. Smith. You can keep looking at more yelp reviews but you're not going to find a more skilled chiropractor than this one.

Miriam M.

"Enjoy My Retirement"

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

Just Like Family When you need help all you need to do is ask. I have been going for more then 3 years, just to keep feeling Good. When I was working Dr Smith help me Lots. Now he keep me feeling Grate so I can enjoy my retirement.

Scott H.

"Feeling A Lot Better"

Written Testimonials Campbell

Dr. Smith came to my salon to give all the stylists suggestions on how to take care of ourselves better, since we stand on our feet all day. He also gave us complimentary exams and x-rays to make sure our bodies are in optimum shape. I have always had lower back pain, but never knew who to trust or how to go about looking for a good chiropractor. The girls that work with Dr. Smith were so nice and helpful when I went for my free exam. They always know your name (it's kind of crazy...). I am now on a 4 1/2 month plan to get my back and my neck fixed. I have been feeling a lot better and hopefully when Winter rolls around, my back wont ache at all.

His office is big, clean, and organized. They have a computer automated check in system. The adjustments are much shorter than what I expected (about 2 minutes long) you're in and out. Sometimes you have to wait for a few minutes, but at most you'd be there for 10-15 minutes then you get to move on w/your life. They open really early in the morning for those that have full time jobs like me (7:30AM). So if you're curious, give them a call, who knows maybe they can hook you up w/a free exam and some x-rays too!

Kim N.

"Beyond Amazed!"

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

Beyond amazed at my progress thus far! I would encourage you All to set up an initial appointment to talk more about your spine/overall health with Dr. Smith. He doesn’t only help fix you, he also educates you on your spine.

Haley M.

"Highly Recommend"

Written Testimonials Campbell

I've been going to Dr. Smith for almost three years now. I have low-grade, chronic neck pain that I've had my whole life due to scoliosis. Weekly adjustments completely alleviate the pain. Many chiropractors have trouble adjusting necks and mine is tricky, but Dr. Smith is great at it and I trust him wholeheartedly. In addition to adjustments, he has recommended hip stretches that have helped my running. Although he is very busy, he'll chat about wellness anytime. He has helped a colleague of mine as well with her back pain. I highly recommend him and his staff (I love Christy!).

Sherri O.

"He's Amazing"

DeLeon Chiropractic Center, Inc. Patient Testimonials

Ive been a patients of Dr. Deken's for 4 years now. Hes amazing at what he does. My overall quality of life has improved dramatically. I cant thank him enough. I recommend him all the time and will continue to


"They've Got Your Back!"

Written Testimonials Campbell

Doc Smith is trustworthy and kind, and his adjustments are fantastic! I have been regularly visiting him since 2005--my neck was a wreck. Now my neck bones are in the proper place, I am more flexible and so much healthier--despite no apparent change in stressful job, etc! The staff have always been friendly and super professional. There is also a great neighborhood feeling to the office. This place has been a great partner in my staying healthy-- you could say they've got your back! :)

Lisa F.

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