Tingling & Numbness Testimonials

*Testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.

Neck Pain Treatment Campbell Sheri H.

As a holistic massage therapist, I am primarily interested in natural ways for the body to heal. I have never taken heavy-duty pain medications, even when in pain. I used natural alternatives, like lots of Vitamin C and loads of homeopathic topical pain gels and lotions. Taking the steps toward chiropractic treatment started because I knew something needed to change. I knew it was not going to get better unless I went past my comfort level and searched out a more aggressive approach. I had pain and numbness in my shoulder and hands, which made my type of work awfully unpleasant, making it difficult to give clients my best. I knew that the symptoms that I was experiencing came from a lifetime of wear and tear on my body. However, even chiropractic seemed drastic to me. I was so afraid of getting adjusted (especially my neck!) that I walked into this office with huge doubts of becoming a patient. After a thorough examination detailing my history, I felt for the first time, that someone was listening. Dr. Smith was meticulous, and having some knowledge of how the body moves, I agreed with his assessment. What impressed me the most was how Dr. Smith explained the why of everything he did. Amazingly enough he even got me to take x-rays, something I did not want to do. At this point I almost walked out saying, thanks but no thanks, seeing that Dr. Smith looked at me and said, "Well I don't like to guess, so I will leave the choice to you." That did it! I finally realized it was the guessing of the doctors I had gone to in the past that made me afraid of seeking the care I really needed. The changes that have come from my adjustments have gone beyond the freedom from pain and numbness, but also the trust that I have regained from being in the hands of a doctor that I could believe in. I now work pain free, and feel confident that I am on the path of complete healing. I now sing the praises of chiropractic, and Dr. Smith's well-run office. The advice I give to skeptics, is the same as my clients, the best gift you can give yourself is visiting Smith Family Chiropractic, to learn the value of looking at your spine and its conditions and using that as a tool to judge the health of your whole body! Kudos to Dr. Smith and Staff!

Neck Pain Treatment Campbell Shelly Sherman

I began seeing Dr. Smith back in 2003 due to a pinched nerve in my neck. The pain and numbness spread into my right arm and hand. It became difficult to grasp things or carry on with normal daily activities. Upon receiving treatment from Dr. Smith I was able to cut down on medication I was taking and finally obtain long term pain relief. I have no problems with pinched nerve pain anymore and continue to see Dr. Smith weekly because he keeps me going! I became a patient as he was building his office and it is beautiful and welcoming. His staff is very helpful, and I love the family atmosphere!