Sciatica Pain Testimonials

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Sciatica and Asthma Testimonial

Sciatic Pain Treatment Campbell Kathleen M.

At a Christmas party in 2007, while standing with my cane in extreme pain, I was told that I desperately needed to make an appointment to see Dr. Smith before I was to meet with a surgeon in January. Here is my story! I had been seen by medical doctors for the past two years to treat a bulging disc that was also herniated and pressing on my sciatic nerve.The pain that I was experiencing was beyond description along with a burning sensation that traveled down my right leg into my toes. I was given different pain medications, however, nothing worked. They took x-rays and found arthritis in the joints. The Dr. then referred me to a physical therapist. After eight weeks of no improvement, they extended therapy for another four weeks. Once the sessions were over, I was told that nothing more could be done and I should look into seeing a surgeon. During this time, I surrendered myself to the use of a cane because the pain was so unbearable to walk without it. However, while utilizing the cane, I developed a scoliosis. I met with the surgeon and he ordered an MRI where we then discovered my disc problems. Surgery was suggested, however, I wanted to seek other alternative treatments. He suggested a spine and musculoskeletal doctor because I was a candidate for cortisone injections. Over the next nine months I had three cortisone epidurals administered directly into my sciatic nerve. The first two injections gave me temporary relief for about three months, following each injection. The pain always found its way back. After the third shot was given in December of 2007, it did absolutely nothing. The pain and burning and scoliosis had worsened. After losing all hope, I returned to my doctor just to receive more pain medication and told the horrifying news that I definitely needed surgery because there was nothing else that they could do for me. While attending a Christmas party, my daughter along with a nephew and niece, highly recommended Dr. Smith after all having received positive results. I called right away and scheduled an appointment for January 2. By the middle to the end of January, I had received the first relief in two years. I was pain free, the burning sensation was gone and I no longer needed my cane! Since I don't need my cane anymore, nor will I ever need it, I decided to give it to Dr. Smith and his staff as a sign of my gratitude. (BELIEVE ME, IT WAS HARD TO GIVE UP!) My scoliosis has greatly improved, and I remain in treatment because my life would never be the same without it. Thank you Dr.Smith!.