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Patient Suffering from Migraine Testimonial

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Headache Treatment Campbell Cristi M.

I have been seeing Dr Smith for about 5 years now. I didn't know if I trusted chiropractic work because so many say they just "make you believe" you feel better. I was very skeptical. There were a few things that made Dr. Smith's practice stand out to me. 1. He came recommended and was very well known in Los Gatos, though all the sports medicine he provided to athletes in the area. My friends that used him in high school, still continue to see him 10-15 years later. 2. He has a family practice, which I really liked. When I went and visited, he was very calm, non-pushy and gentle. 3. He offered me before and after x-rays, so I could put my skepticism at ease. I suffered from massive migraines, that would sometimes last up to one week. I also had really bad back pain. I'm in construction and now I'm a Mom. My body gets put through the ringer on a daily basis. My initial x-rays showed that I had lost almost all of the curvature in my neck, that's where a lot of my migraines were coming from. My after x-rays showed huge improvement in the curvature of my neck. That was proof in black and white, literally. Since my time with Dr. Smith, my migraines have decreased severely (I won't say I never get them anymore bc other things can trigger them for me), and so has my back pain. I'm grateful that he adjusted me all the way through my pregnancy and has adjusted my little one a few times too. Currently, Myself, My Husband (also in construction) goes to Dr. Smith and so does my pregnant sister. I'm so grateful for Dr. Smith and how much he has helped me & many people I care about.