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Lower Back Pain Testimonial

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Back Pain Treatment Campbell Jennifer S.

Smith Family Chiropractic is the one and only chiropractic office we will ever go to! When we first met with Dr. Smith he took x-rays of our backs and then thoroughly explained to me and my husband how he could help us repair some of the damage that had been done. For me, child bearing and years of sitting at a desk at work had caused my spine to become unaligned, for my husband, his many years of playing soccer caused various problems. Dr. Smith put us on a plan to get our bodies healthy and it worked! We still continue to receive adjustment to keep our bodies in check. Dr. Smith is the best!

Back Pain Treatment Campbell Cristi M.

I have been seeing Dr Smith for about 5 years now. I didn't know if I trusted chiropractic work because so many say they just "make you believe" you feel better. I was very skeptical. There were a few things that made Dr. Smith's practice stand out to me. 1. He came recommended and was very well known in Los Gatos, though all the sports medicine he provided to athletes in the area. My friends that used him in high school, still continue to see him 10-15 years later. 2. He has a family practice, which I really liked. When I went and visited, he was very calm, non-pushy and gentle. 3. He offered me before and after x-rays, so I could put my skepticism at ease. I suffered from massive migraines, that would sometimes last up to one week. I also had really bad back pain. I'm in construction and now I'm a Mom. My body gets put through the ringer on a daily basis. My initial x-rays showed that I had lost almost all of the curvature in my neck, that's where a lot of my migraines were coming from. My after x-rays showed huge improvement in the curvature of my neck. That was proof in black and white, literally. Since my time with Dr. Smith, my migraines have decreased severely (I won't say I never get them anymore bc other things can trigger them for me), and so has my back pain. I'm grateful that he adjusted me all the way through my pregnancy and has adjusted my little one a few times too. Currently, Myself, My Husband (also in construction) goes to Dr. Smith and so does my pregnant sister. I'm so grateful for Dr. Smith and how much he has helped me & many people I care about.

Back Pain Treatment Campbell Scott Haddock

My sleep was severely compromised before seeking Dr. Smith. I experienced regular neck pain (including limited range of motion), and lower back pain. I did not get out and enjoy my hobbies such as photography and getting out into nature. After regular adjustments from Dr. Smith I am now sleeping great and waking up well rested. I no longer need to take antacids daily and I am able to enjoy the hobbies I love. Dr. Smith has helped me tremendously and I have now been a patient for years. I can now spend each day living a fun, long life!

Back Pain Treatment Campbell Carol Freeman

I am a teacher and sitting for long periods of time became bothersome due to lower back pain and tightness in my hip. Focusing at work became difficult because I also wasn't sleeping well due to the pain. I travel from Santa Cruz to see Dr. Smith because he is truly the best! His adjustments have alleviated the pain and allowed me to stop taking medication regularly. My sleep has improved, I am able to exercise regularly, and have noticed all around BETTER HEALTH. I love Dr. Smith's all natural approach to healthcare and would recommend him to anyone seeking quality pain relief and long term health.

Back Pain Treatment Campbell Ricky Allegrezza

I sought Dr. Smith because I was experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. My job is in construction and very physical. The pain I was experiencing made day to day work a challenge. Lifting and reaching were limited and painful. I was not able to us all of my strength. I love to skateboard but couldn't participate at 100% because my movement was so restricted. Any sudden movements could cause pain. My mood became very irritable since I could not participate in a sport I really love. My sleeping was very inconsistent and I would feel pain throughout the night. My life has changed in such a positive way since receiving treatment from Dr. Smith. Chiropractic helps align my back each week and has made work much more manageable. I don't constantly feel disc pain anymore and can even lay on my back and get a restful night's sleep. I am able to exercise and skateboard again! Since receiving treatment from Dr. Smith I have noticed a positive change in my immune system as well and have only been sick twice in TWO YEARS!

Back Pain Treatment Campbell Amy Zuffi

I've been going to dr deken for 3 years now and my overall health has improved tremendously. If I had not went in for a free consultation I would of never known I was born with lower degenerative disk disease. He's help reverse it and take the lower back pain away.

Back Pain Treatment Campbell Kim N.

Dr. Smith came to my salon to give all the stylists suggestions on how to take care of ourselves better, since we stand on our feet all day. He also gave us complimentary exams and x-rays to make sure our bodies are in optimum shape. I have always had lower back pain, but never knew who to trust or how to go about looking for a good chiropractor. The girls that work with Dr. Smith were so nice and helpful when I went for my free exam. They always know your name (it's kind of crazy...). I am now on a 4 1/2 month plan to get my back and my neck fixed. I have been feeling a lot better and hopefully when Winter rolls around, my back wont ache at all. His office is big, clean, and organized. They have a computer automated check in system. The adjustments are much shorter than what I expected (about 2 minutes long) you're in and out. Sometimes you have to wait for a few minutes, but at most you'd be there for 10-15 minutes then you get to move on w/your life. They open really early in the morning for those that have full time jobs like me (7:30AM). So if you're curious, give them a call, who knows maybe they can hook you up w/a free exam and some x-rays too!